• It’s simpler than ever to work in your EPR
      • Dictate notes and complete patient letters using speech recognition
      • Fill out forms, navigating between fields with preset phrases
      • Search patient records quickly for important information
      • Review consultation, family, and intervention history to get the full context for every appointment
      • Create requests for consultations, examinations, medications, follow-ups, tests, and referrals
      • Share documents with colleagues and patients

Christmas has come early-
here’s our gift to you

Al-powered accuracy

Dragon Medical One doesn’t require voice profile training, a single cloud-based profile is established during the first use powered by AI algorithms and a first-class professional medical vocabulary. Activities such as accent adjustments and microphone calibration are automatic, providing even greater accuracy, and an optimal clinician experience from the first use.

Secure and compliant

UK based cloud services have attained IGSoC and may securely connect via the NHS Broadband Network – N3 – into NHS organisations hospitals and clinics. The cloud solutions feature 99.5% up-time and run on geographically dispersed, data centres hosted on Microsoft Azure, a GDPR-compliant and an ISO 27001- certified Cloud Services.

Always available

Dragon Medical One designed for speed, accuracy, and flexibility, with personalised vocabularies and templates that can be accessed and shared across the widest range of devices in the industry. A single voice profile means users are up and running immediately across clinical workflows, care settings, devices, and apps.
Easy to install and maintain

Easy to install and maintain

Without complex configurations; clinicians can begin dictating in less than five minutes using the existing infrastructure. Automatic updates mean less work for IT staff and less hassle for clinicians.


Affordable subscription-based pricing with little upfront capital investment makes it easier for healthcare organisations to plan budgets with predictable expenses.

Gateway to the future

Nuance solutions are built on over three decades of clinical expertise to slash documentation time by up to 45%—while improving quality by 36%. Dragon Medical One is the foundation of the future, revolutionising the healthcare systems where clinical documentation writes itself.

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